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Dec 10, 2012 12:00pm EST
not find the gun used to kill a young mother on this city bus. >> they were standing there talking. everybody started walking off. we heard one gunshot. everybody started running. >> more shots followed. she was waiting to board the bus. moments later from the street, at the suspect of loaded a barrage of bullets. >> maybe he wanted to take the child with him and she did not want him to go with him at? -- her to go with him? >> she was targeted and died here on the scene. her 23 month old baby girl was also wounded. a >> there is no excuse for it. >> this man says they suspect is well known in this neighborhood. >> he is from our area. you have got to be kidding>> the police chief is praising the 65 year old driver for protecting the other passengers but quickly driving off. >> the bus was under fire appeared he tried to get the bus and passengers to safety. >> the little girl was grazed in the face but it is expected to survive. she's being treated at children's hospital. in southeast washington, john gonzales, abc 7 news. >> a disappointing day for redskins fans. the hit uponrgon
Dec 28, 2012 12:00pm EST
on 355 being diverted. for the second time in one month, someone waiting for a new york city subway train has been pushed onto the tracks and killed. the latest incident happened last night in queens. as jummy olabanji reports, it has metro riders here on alert. >> new york city police say this surveillance video caught the suspect running from the subway station after the crime. >> i can't believe it is happening in this area. >> it happened last night around 8:00. police say an unknown woman pushed the man onto the tracks as the train approached the 40th street bashan in queens. investigators say the woman was sitting alone on a bench mumbling to herself before she got up and pushed the unsuspecting victim. witnesses told police they had no time to react. >> we heard about the incident in new york on twitter from one of my friends. >> earlier, a 58-year-old was shot inside -- in front of a train in times square. >> i am going to start standing back. >> people here in d.c. who take the train daily tell us while the two incidents in new york on very sad they do not plan to change their ha
Dec 6, 2012 12:00pm EST
an act of terrorism. >> the man arrested in the death of the new york city subway rider has been arraigned on charges. naeem davis is being held on bail. he shoved a man onto the tracks at the subway station. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. >> the university of california releasing 4000 emails sent or received by movie shooter james holmes. he may have had a romantic relationship with a fellow student and fantasized about a mass shooting weeks before the killing. >> and i/o a community is anxiously awaiting tool -- an iowa community is anxiously awaiting news if bodies discovered are those of two lost cousins. the girls disappeared back pain to live while riding their bikes. the bikes were found near a lake, but there was no sign of the girls. >> the duchess of cambridge was discharged after three days and nights in the hospital. she was smiling with prince william by her side, as you see right there. she was treated for a few morning sickness. the first public comment from the royal family was from prince william's uncle and his wife sophie. they were planning to attend
Dec 31, 2012 12:00pm EST
. baltimore city hall will be open at midnight, but most couples will have to wait until the second to officially tied the knot because of the new year holiday. the referendum was passed in november. a celebration of another kind in the washington area today. if you've not heard, the redskins have claimed the nfc east title and are headed to the playoffs. as jummy olabanji reports, the race is on for the fans to get decked out in the burgundy and gold./ >> as soon as the game clock ran out at fedex field, people across the d.c. area began celebrating the redskins big win. early this morning, area sports stores began unpacking shipments of brand new nfc east champion merchandise. in bethesda they had t-shirts hats, and tennis. store managers tell us they had several calls from eager redskins fans before they even open this morning. the team has been on its winning streak the burgundy and gold apparel has been flying off store shelves. folks have had no problem showing their pride and shelling out money to do so. at this t-shirt-printing company in lanham, maryland, the t- shirts are
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4